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To Whom It May Concern:,

My husband and I would highly recommend Barbara and Kirk Staley to conduct business with of any form, They purchased our home in a timely manner allowing our move to happen quickly, The price they offered and paid was quite fair making the whole transaction pleasant and quick. This is a couple who knows their business and temper it with a kind family feel. I personally would recommend them highly to anyone looking to sell their property.                                      Sincerely, Susan and Jose      Holiday



Dear Kirk,

Chuck and I appreciate your patience while the banks were deciding on our loan. We did get a very good price on the home which was fully remodeled. Again we thank you for hanging in there with us for it was worth the wait, for we have a very nice home thanks to you.                                                              Sincerely, Chuck and Ruth   NPR


Dear Kirk,

Just wanted to send a short note of thanks for such a smooth transaction. My preference would have been to finish the renovation myself, but living in Michigan makes that impossible. During the several phone conversations that we have had, I feel comfortable knowing that you will do a fine job. Good luck with the renovation and resale of the house.                                          Very truly yours, Michael                     Port Richey


I would like to thank Home Remedy for their help in my foreclosure situation. They purchased my home and handled all the paperwork very quickly to save me from a foreclosure on my credit report. I would recommend their services to anyone who might be in the same situation.                             Thank you,   Monica          Spring Hill


I recently had the pleasure of transacting business with Kirk Staley and would definitely do so again in the future. I highly recommend him for his prompt, courteous and honest service                                                        Sincerely    Marge                 Holiday


I would like to take a moment to thank Kirk and Barbara for stopping the foreclosure on my home. If they hadnít, my family and I would have lost everything we worked so hard for. Everything we talked about they followed through with and handled very fast. If I knew of anyone else going through the same situation as me, I would not think twice about giving them your number.             Sincerely, Shannon                 Port Richey


To Whom It May Concern:

About a year ago I got into a bad situation financially and was unable to keep up my mortgage payments and fell into foreclosure. It was then I contacted Kirk Staley at Home Remedy of Florida. He worked quickly to help get me get out of the mess I had gotten myself into. I really appreciate his help in this matter and would recommend his services to anyone.                                            Sincerely, Renee                       Spring Hill


To whom it may concern,

           I am writing this letter to thank the company, Home Remedy of Florida, for all they did in assisting us in getting our dream house.

We first saw the house and knew it was perfect for us. We negotiated with them and got a fair price and put a contract on it. That all went easy. Then the flood gate of problems started. Everything from going thru 3 loan processors, some personal problems, and paper work problems keeping the loan process dragging on for more than 3 months. Our contract had expired 3 times and Kirk was very gracious, patient, very helpful, and understanding thru all of it. Even though they could have gotten a better price after the first contract expired, they extended our original contract and honored our original deal. I think most sellers would not have stuck by us for so long.


Yesterday we finally closed on our new house! They were great. I would recommend doing business with them anytime. Only honesty and fairness were shown to us.


Thank you again guys! We love our house.




Kerri and Family              Spring Hill


  I am writing this Testimonial to give thanks to Kirk and Barbara Staley. In July of 2005 my wife had divorced me. We sold our home that we owned and resided in. She left to Wisconsin, leaving me to care for our eldest daughter ,basically bankrupt with very little credit. Not knowing where we were going to go we began looking at apartments in Palm Harbor named the Fountains. I had more than enough money to get the apartment, but they would not accept me because of my credit that scored a 326. The score needed to attain the apartment was a 526 so they denied me. I left the Fountains that morning and began to cry in my car because I had money, but it was basically useless without sufficient credit. With only a few days before having to vacate my residence, I decided to drive around the block and think. When I came to the other side of the block I noticed 3819 __________ Drive. This was a house that was for rent with the option to buy and I was interested. It was a beautiful home so I looked into the window and thought wow this is exactly what I want and more so I called the number on the sign out front. I got a hold of a gentleman named Kirk Staley. We spoke for a few moments and without knowing me he actually gave me the number to the keypad and told me to take a look and call him back if I liked the place. I walked inside the house and went towards the kitchen and immediately loved what I saw! I then saw an application sitting on the table to fill out and I noticed to questions on it right off the bat. The first was do you have any previous felonies and the second was stating that there would be a $25 fee for a credit check on myself. I felt hot in the face because I realized that I would be let down again because I had problems in both areas. I decided not to call Kirk back because I knew I wouldn't get the home.

Kirk eventually ended up calling me back asking why I hadn't called him and if I liked the house. I told him I loved the house, but I only had a credit score of 326 and I also had a previous criminal record of a felony from about 10 years ago. He asked me what the charges were that I had, embarrassed I told him the truth. He told me to still go ahead and fill out the application and he would give me a call the next day. The next day when he called me he asked if we could meet. When we met he told me Steve you got the place! I was so thankful and overwhelmed with joy. It is now 2 years later in 2007 and I am now the proud owner of the house at 3819 ___________ Drive with an excellent credit score of 668 and growing!

(To Kirk, Barbara, and Family: I especially wanted to say thank you so very much for all " of your help. My daughters and I are so very grateful. This was a dealing in my life that has changed us forever and I will never forget it. Thank you sincerely for being such a large part of it!                          -Stephen


R.E. the sale of my property in Port Richey, FL

To Whom It May Concern,

     I sold my property today to Kirk and Barbara Staley of Home Remedy of Florida, LLC. Although there was no extenuating circumstances with the property, I am very happy with how smoothly the whole process went. They told me what they would do and they did it with no problems or surprises. They were honest and courteous and I not only recommend to others, but will do business with them again, given the opportunity.

Thanks again,

Roland M.















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